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1958: Lanherne Property was purchased by St. Andrew’s College. Lanherne House was the home of Foxy (Arthur) and Ruth Knowling.  Lanherne House  Property used to stretch from the corner of Pear Lane and Constitution Street all the way to the stream, along the stream to the start of Knowling Field and doubled back to ConstitutionStreet.

The current Lanherne flats are at St Andrews School. It used to be part of the Ruth Knowling’s   Garden and the Knowling’s used to have a tennis court where the Lanherne garages are now.

An interesting fact is that there is only one pear tree left and this is still growing on the corner Property, at  2A Constitution Street.

1970: Lanherne House becomes the home of the Second Master (currently the Redfern home- 2013)

1972 : Lanherne flats were proposed to be situated between the old Lanherne House and the tennis Courts (i.e. the ‘Knowling’ tennis courts as mentioned above.) The flats were designed by architects (Meredith, Woods Johnson and Schroder)

1973: Lanhere flats were built.

1996: Rene Schalker and his wife Biddie purchased the property 7 Harrismith Street.  He was an Art and Woodworks teacher at  St Andrew’s and during woodwork classes he made a plaque engraved with the name Lanherne on it which can be seen in the Guest House.

We look forward to welcoming you to stay with us.